AI-based Automated Segmentation for HubSpot

Make every message relevant for the right audience.


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So much more than segmentation.


It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and get your message across to the right people. thalox for marketers is an add-on for HubSpot, that allows you to predict your audience's behaviour and identify potential contacts that you might have otherwise missed. This way, you can engage with the right audience and deliver a message that is relevant to them.


thalox for marketers will create automated lists on HubSpot, segmenting your audience by level of engagement. Here's how.

 Connect to HubSpot

thalox for marketers will extract and analyse your audience contact data as well as their behaviour based on all digital historical activities using the latest artificial intelligence capabilities.

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Connect to HubSpot
Run Prediction

Do as many predictions as you want

Running a prediction is simple and fast. Use thalox for marketers every time you need to know exactly who will react to your next email marketing campaign.

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Get your automated segments

Let AI do the rest. Our machine learning algorithms will run on your contact data, giving you three segments based on their level of engagement with your message. Each contact will have a Thalox Engagement Score (TES) assigned.

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Automated Segments
Segments in HubSpot

Your lists in HubSpot

Push your segments into HubSpot and use them to send your next email. This is just the start. We provide you with growth-driven strategies for each one of your segments to bring them to the next level.

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At the end, it comes down to one thing: getting deep data insights about your audience

When sending email marketing campaigns, we always think about segmenting our audience based on explicit data like country, job role, age, or specific content interests. Then, to measure the success we use metrics like the click-through rate, open rate or bounce rate. thalox for marketers does that for you.


We segment your data based on who is more likely to engage with your message based on past behaviour, predicting the probability of this person engaging with your future emails. Besides that, our model provides you with deep insights about which fields are contributing for the prediction of your audience engagement and tells you how complete and rich your data is.




Discover the fields that are related to the engagement of your audience. Fields that matter to our AI-based model when deciding the best audience for your campaigns.