Why are my conversion rates so low? 

One potential reason why your conversion rate is low is that you're trying to target a broad audience or the wrong one.
Your audience is one of the first things you need to understand. 


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Conversion Rate is an important way of measuring the success of your marketing strategy.

It can be challenging to know in detail your audience, but it may be a good idea to try and get as detailed as possible.

A proper segmentation can improve communication with your contacts and make them more receptive to the actions you want them to take.

If your e-mails aren’t targeted, all those clicks could end up going nowhere, costing you a lot of money and leading to very little progress for your e-mail marketing campaigns.

You want to aim for campaigns that are targeted, effective, and valuable for your audience.

How can thalox for marketers help you increase your conversion rate?


thalox for marketers is an AI-based automated segmentation add-on for marketing teams using HubSpot that will help you segment your audience based on their level of engagement, which will allow you to understand how good and complete your data is, in order to build a relevant message for the right people.

This helps you understand what your audience is most engaged with so you can build relevant messages and increase conversion rates.

That’s why thalox for marketers is the answer.

An automated segmentation allows you to deliver messages that appeal to your target audience and reach them in an efficient way.



A better understanding of your audience is crucial to success in marketing, and thalox for marketers is able to measure and predict the engagement levels of your contacts.