How can I identify my dormant potential contacts?

According to HubSpot, the average email marketing list loses 25% of its contacts engagement every year.
By ignoring your dormant potential, there is a good probability that you and your team are passing on potential leads and clients.


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Why are dormant contacts so important?

Your dormant audience are contacts that have already interacted with your brand, in other words, they have already shown interest, but have not been engaging for some time.

These contacts are essential to the growth of your business because they represent an earned opportunity to gain a new customer.

Dormant accounts can be your second-best source of revenue, right after your current high-engagement audience.

When not engaging, this impacts the performance by significantly decreasing open rates and clicks and has a negative impact on deliverability and reputation.



How thalox for marketers can help me get a better understanding of my audience?

thalox for marketers is an AI-based automated segmentation add-on for marketing teams using HubSpot that analyses your contact data, including all previous digital activities, to predict how engaged your audience will be with your e-mail marketing campaigns.

By identifying the Dormant Potential Segment, it is possible to tailor your message to these contacts and boost the effectiveness of your e-mails.

thalox for marketers provides you with deep insights about your audience's behaviour that allow you to notice opportunities you wouldn't otherwise see.  Every message can be tailored for each customer so it feels relevant.

How can I reengage with my audience?

thalox for marketers gives you the dormant potential segment that can boost your conversion rates when you follow some of the recommended actions.


A/B Testing

A/B testing is a powerful method to use with this segment. It allows you to test different messages between your current audience and this segment and see which ones performs best as a method of conversion rate optimization (CRO)


Progressive Profiling

You can run profiling campaigns to better understand why these contacts are not engaging so much. Do you have the right data about them? Are they interested in a different type of content from what you usually send to them?



Use the Dormant Potential Segment to directly collect feedback from a specific contact or a target audience to understand their characteristics, expectations, and requirements.